Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

The Who


A significant other told me that I need to record, life..by writing about it will allow me to actually "see" what I'm going through with my life...the mind's so messy sometimes anything just went to a blur.

well, let's see here..I'm Sisca..a twenty something girl that's just riding with the waves of life..

my job, involves travelling to tourist destinations in Indonesia (yeiyyy...hopefully free travel abroad soon :D) along with a cheerful crew of Redaksi Pagi Trans7, a weekend news program of the said TV station.

That's also the reason that prompted me to do this, coz I when started recording I realized, hey.. there's a lot of unique moments that I came across, and of which I would probably forget, oh no, such a shame.. ;p

A true Gemini girl (yapp!), who doesn't make fuss of life and geared with a weird set of thoughts..hoping that the logs I kept of my travels n life can paint a sparkle on your vision of this pretty, and sometimes quirky life..

good day ;)